Progress Report - Investing in our workforce

The Health and Social Care Workforce Strategy has been developed by organisations across the health and social care sector in close co-operation with trade unions and other key stakeholders.

It includes a detailed look at the workforce challenges facing health and social care and was produced following significant engagement with the workforce.

The strategy considers areas such as retention and recruitment of staff, opportunities for introducing new job roles and upskilling initiatives.

It also focuses on ensuring that health and social care is a rewarding and fulfilling place to work and train.

Early work is now underway on a plan to establish a health and social care careers service to promote HSC careers and allow returners to the service to easily re-engage with the system.

Work is also well underway to have a single lead employer for doctors and dentists in training by 1 August 2019.

Significant developments have also been made in recruitment, with, for example, 11 new Physician Associates placed in March 2019, with a further 20 trainees now engaged in training, and 99 additional nursing and midwifery places taking the total nursing and midwifery students to over 1000; the highest ever level educated in Northern Ireland.

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