Progress Report - Advanced nurse practitioner

A further significant development in the role out of the multi-disciplinary teams has been the introduction of the first locally trained advanced nurse practitioners in primary care.

Advanced nurse practitioners are highly skilled, with the ability to diagnose a very wide range of patients and to offer significant support to GPs
and wider multi-disciplinary team members. Advanced Nurse practitioner Image

Currently, five advanced nurse practitioners are completing their training working within multidisciplinary teams in the Down area.

This has allowed them to see and support over 15,000 patients.

Tara Haslett is one of the advanced nurse practitioners working in the Down GP Federation along with GP Dr Lloyd Gilpin.

Below you can hear how the role she plays working alongside specialist colleagues has enhanced the service for patients.

Dr Gilpin also speaks about how the new innovation builds on the team ethos already existing in general practice and how it has been welcomed by colleagues.


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