Progress Report - eHealth

The eHealth and Care Strategy sets out the HSC’s approach to technology focused on better supporting people, sharing information and fostering innovation in order to support change.

An important element of this work is the modernisation of outdated systems and hardware.

Delivering this strategy is essential if we are to realise the transformation set out in Delivering Together.

The continued roll-out of eTriage is speeding up referrals to hospitals and reducing unnecessarily paperwork.

This system will also allow hospital doctors to give written advice
to GPs to help them manage patients.

Northern Ireland already has an award winning clinical portal, the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) which allows clinicians in different settings to see and record key information about patients – which improves safety and supports better care.

This system continues to be developed widening access to community pharmacists and optometrists.

While the NIECR continues to help transform care in Northern Ireland, it has to draw on a large number of separate systems to present key summary information to clinicians and other professionals.

The Encompass programme will deliver an integrated electronic Health
and Care record across our acute and community services for every citizen in Northern Ireland – replacing the myriad of separate systems currently in place.

It will remove the need for a lot of paper based processes which are currently required, freeing up professionals to spend more time providing direct patient care - and it will improve patient safety by allowing all professionals involved in a patient’s care access to the same information, improving treatment plans.

The A-Z illnesses and conditions search facility (available on nidirect) is a good example of how we are using technology to further support people to self- manage their own health and wellbeing.  

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