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This practice framework seeks to bring poverty into the foreground of social work practice. It aims to help social workers recognise and respond to the impact of poverty on the people they support.

Published 27 June 2018Development plan/framework

DoH Press Office Privacy Notice

Published 26 June 2018Guidance literature

Severe heat is dangerous to everyone.

Published 26 June 2018Guidance literature

This document sets out the ways in which official statistics produced by information and analysis directorate (IAD) comply with the principles and protocols contained in the code of practice for official statistics.

Published 20 June 2018Guidance literature

The Social Work Strategy Team hold a number of events / workshops / engagement which you might attend / receive information about / participate in.

Published 19 June 2018Guidance literature

The Department of Health has identified the following projects as priorities under the £100m Transformation Fund made available for 2018/19.

Published 18 June 2018Financial plans and reports

These tables contain the latest figures for each of the key indicators of the wider social determinants of health & wellbeing set out against each of the themes contained in the making life better strategic framework.

Published 13 June 2018Statistical reports

This bulletin presents findings from the latest survey of carers’ statistics for Northern Ireland.

Published 07 June 2018Statistical reports

Describes the administrative sources which D0H currently uses to produce official statistics, or which have the potential to be so used.

Published 05 June 2018Guidance literature

Guidance relating to European Union and Overseas Health Policy 

Published 05 June 2018Guidance literature

This page contains publications 

Published 04 June 2018Lists and registers

These tables present information from the health and social care (HSC) board on completed waits for people waiting to be fitted with a hearing aid. Figures are presented regionally, by HSC trust and by weeks waiting.

Published 01 June 2018Statistical reports

On 25 October 2016, the then Minister of Health, Michelle O’Neill launched an ambitious 10 year approach to transforming health and social care “Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together”.

Published 01 June 2018Consultation reports

Presents information on waiting times at the end of each quarter for admission for inpatient treatment.

Published 31 May 2018Statistical reports

The essence of the Minister's strategy 'Health and wellbeing 2026 - delivering Together' is the closer working realationships in delivering care between our service users, our staff and our care providers, if we are to meet the challenges facing health head on it i

Published 29 May 2018Contract management

The DoH Statement of Compliance in relation to the 'Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order (Northern Ireland) 2009'.

Published 25 May 2018Guidance literature

This document sets out the details of personal information held by IAD.

Published 25 May 2018Guidance literature

PA Workshop Information

Published 22 May 2018Guidance literature

The purpose of publishing the screening outcomes report is to ensure that stakeholders are aware of any final decisions in relation to completed screenings.

Published 21 May 2018Guidance literature

Being transparent and providing accessible information to individuals about how we may use personal data is a key element of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Published 18 May 2018Notices

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