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2015 circulars for looked after children.

Published 13 April 2015Guidance literature

A Fitter Future for All, the cross-Departmental framework for preventing overweight and obesity across the life course of the population of Northern Ireland, was published in 2012.

Published 07 April 2015Guidance literature

Publications relating to the General Dental Contract 

Published 06 April 2015Guidance literature

This report presents an analysis of health inequality gaps at the regional level between the most deprived areas and both the least deprived areas and the NI average in addition to a regional comparison with rural areas.

Published 03 April 2015Statistical reports

This report presents an analysis of health inequality gaps within health and social care (HSC) trust and local government district (LGD) areas of Northern Ireland and includes a comparison between the average and the most deprived areas in each geographical area.

Published 03 April 2015Statistical reports

Minutes of meetings of the Responsible Officer Forum

Published 02 April 2015Agendas and minutes

This page contains advice on the applicability and expected levels of compliance with Controls Assurance Standards 

Published 01 April 2015Guidance literature

In November 2014, the Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Jim Wells, MLA, received the ” Report of the inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Northern Ireland” from Professor Kathleen Marshall.

Published 31 March 2015Development plan/framework

Effective workforce planning is complex and challenging but is essential in
order to contribute to ensuring services across Northern Ireland are both
sustainable and delivered to the appropriate standard. The range of

Published 31 March 2015Development plan/framework

Agendas and minutes from Unscheduled Care Task Group Regional Co-ordination Group Meetings

Published 27 March 2015Agendas and minutes

Unscheduled care updates provide key information and data for the Unscheduled Care Task Group Regional Coordinating Group, on the present situation in Trusts and in the Unscheduled Care Task Group workstreams.

Published 20 March 2015Agendas and minutes

Powerpoint presentations delivered at unscheduled care workstreams.

Published 15 March 2015Promotional material

Ambulatory Pathway for Management of Pulmonary Embolism and Ambulatory Pathway for Management of Unilateral Pleural Effusion letter to HSC chief executives

Published 11 March 2015Circulars

Endorsed NICE Clinical Guidelines 2014/2015


Published 06 March 2015Guidance literature

The purpose of this circular is to set out the arrangements for HSC healthcare professionals intending to undertake new interventional procedures.

Published 04 March 2015Guidance literature

Letter from Michael Donaldson to practitioners and General Dental Service Pilot leaflet

Published 02 March 2015Guidance literature

Strategy and reports relating to home accident prevention.

Published 24 February 2015Policy papers

This care bundle is a group of evidence based interventions that should be delivered to all patients in preparation for discharge from hospital following an Acute Exacerbation of COPD 

Published 16 February 2015Circulars

Letters and advice on the regulation of medicines issued 2015

Published 11 February 2015Guidance literature

This page contains specific NI Versions of MHRA Device Bulletins 

Published 02 February 2015Guidance literature

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