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Discussion paper setting out some of the legal and human rights issues to be considered when exploring how to maximise disclosure and ensure openness and transparency around the implication of any investigation or judicial process.

Published 13 February 2019Research and analysis

Extensive Research paper on the guidance and resources in other jurisdictions that have been provided for health and social care staff and for service users, their families and carers, on how candour and openness are to be applied at an operational level in health and social c

Published 13 February 2019Research and analysis

Detailed research paper which looks at the introduction of a statutory duty of candour for health and social care providers in England. 

Published 13 February 2019Research and analysis

Detailed research paper which examines how duty of candour/ open disclosure requirements have been implemented in other jurisdictions (Excluding England)

Published 13 February 2019Research and analysis

Presentation on why trust is important, including the impact on relationships, stress, criticism and negativity. 

Published 13 February 2019Research and analysis

The Northern Ireland Single Assessment Tool (NISAT) is designed to capture information required for holistic, person-centred assessment of the older person.

It is comprised of the following component parts:

Published 12 February 2019Guidance literature

Letter from ACPO to HSC - preparations for exit from the EU - 11 Feb 19

Published 11 February 2019Correspondence

The Department of Health, in conjunction with other HSC organisations, is engaged in extensive preparations for EU exit, developing contingency measures for different scenarios including a “no deal” exit from the EU.

Published 11 February 2019Circulars

This guidance provides clarification for commissioners and providers of supported accommodation for young adults on the maintenance of age ratios in supported accommodation projects.  

Published 01 February 2019Circulars

The following Interventional Procedures must not be used: 

Published 31 January 2019Guidance literature

Measuring the impact of workforce registration and professional standards
on the quality of social care services in Northern Ireland

Published 28 January 2019Corporate reports

The Department receives and answers an array of FOI requests each year. In this section you will find examples of the type of requests received and answers given for 2018.

Published 25 January 2019FOI/EIR responses

Presents information on the number of medical abortions and terminations of pregnancies at health and social care (HSC) trusts in Northern Ireland during 2007/08 to 2016/17. It details information by HSC trust, country of residence and age band.

Published 23 January 2019Statistical reports

Strategy and reports relating to alcohol and drug misuse.

Published 15 January 2019Policy papers

DoH Guidance on the Transfer of Patients Detained under Mental Health Legislation between Hospitals in Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Published 14 January 2019Guidance literature

This report outlines the current progress (June 2017 to June 2018) made under the current implementation of the ten year obesity prevention framework A Fitter Future for All 2012–2022.

Published 14 January 2019Corporate reports

This section provides guidance on death certification and how to complete a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) with a correct cause of death (CoD) section using the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR).

Published 14 January 2019Guidance literature

When a person dies, a number of steps need to be completed before the legal registration of death and any funeral takes place. The first step, Verification of Life Extinct (VLE), is confirmation or verification that death has indeed occurred.

Published 14 January 2019Guidance literature

To provide an overview of the PQQ/ Tender Evaluation Process and to ensure that all personnel are aware of their role in the process

Published 11 January 2019Financial plans and reports

Application forms for licences under the 'Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986'.

Published 11 January 2019Forms

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