Duty of Candour – Guidance and Resources

Date published: 13 February 2019

Extensive Research paper on the guidance and resources in other jurisdictions that have been provided for health and social care staff and for service users, their families and carers, on how candour and openness are to be applied at an operational level in health and social care settings.


The paper provides a list of (and weblinks to) guidance and resources found in:

  • England and Scotland (statutory duty of candour)
  • Republic of Ireland (open disclosure)
  • Australia (open disclosure framework)
  • New Zealand (open disclosure)
  • Canada (disclosure guidelines)
  • USA (Communication and Optimal resolution – CANDOUR – toolkit)
  • Germany (patient’s rights to open disclosure)
  • Sweden (patient’s rights to information on adverse incidents)

Whilst the paper focuses primarily on health and social care settings, the final section provides links to various ethical codes on candour, openness, honesty and transparency in other industries and sectors.

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