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This return records the number of patients receiving electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) treatment and the total number of individual ECT treatments administered in each hospital within a Directly Managed Unit or HSC Trust

Published 01 October 2020Guidance literature

PDF versions of daily updates on COVID-19 

Published 01 October 2020Statistical reports

Summary of information collected on complaint issues, by subject and programme of care (POC), and compliments received by each of the six HSC trusts in Northern Ireland.

Published 30 September 2020Statistical reports

The response to COVID 19 will most certainly be a marathon not a sprint.

More than ever we will be susceptible to stress and worry, so it is important to look after

ourselves, each other and our social well-being.

Published 29 September 2020Notices

This bulletin presents findings from the latest survey of carers’ statistics for Northern Ireland.

Published 25 September 2020Statistical reports

Presents information on waiting times for patients accessing cancer services at hospitals in Northern Ireland during each quarter.

Published 24 September 2020Statistical reports

Presents information on inpatients and compulsory admissions under the Mental Health (NI) Order 1986 in mental health and learning disability hospitals.

Published 23 September 2020Statistical reports

Covid-19: regional principles for visiting in care settings in Northern Ireland. Revised following executive decision of 21 September 2020


Published 23 September 2020Guidance literature

This report presents findings from the smoking, alcohol and drugs modules from the young persons behaviour & attitudes survey.


Published 22 September 2020Statistical reports

Tables presenting findings from the young persons behaviour & attitudes survey.

Published 22 September 2020Statistical reports

Aligning our medication safety priorities to the World Health Organization Third Global Patient Safety Challenge ‘Medication Without Harm’

Published 16 September 2020Development plan/framework

The Department of Health recognises that the emergence of COVID-19 has heightened the risks involved with the management of substance misuse services in NI in what is already a high-risk clinical scenario.

Published 15 September 2020Guidance literature

Paper 1 - Adult Safeguarding  -  Dunmurry Manor Review Team September 2020

Published 10 September 2020Corporate reports

This report presents information on people accessing smoking cessation services in Northern Ireland.

Published 09 September 2020Statistical reports

Privacy Notice

Published 07 September 2020Notices

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to HSC professionals for 2020

Published 04 September 2020Circulars

This Health and Social Care (HSC) Regional Benchmark Report presents the overall results for the Key Findings and individual questions from the 2019 HSC Staff Survey, with comparisons (where available) with the 2017 NHS Staff Survey and the 2015 HSC Staff Survey.

Published 03 September 2020Corporate reports

PDF versions of daily updates on COVID-19 

Published 03 September 2020Statistical reports

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