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Budget 2023/24 

Published 22 May 2023Correspondence


Published 22 May 2023Guidance literature

An annual publication on the age profile of HSCNI staff by organisation, staff group and Agenda for Change (AfC) pay band.

Published 19 May 2023Statistical reports

These annual reports aim to build information over time to show the prevalence rate of autism amongst the compulsory school age population.

Published 18 May 2023Statistical reports

This annual report aims to show the prevalence rate of autism amongst the compulsory school age population. Analyses are provided by health and social care trust, gender, school year, special educational needs and multiple deprivation measure.

Published 18 May 2023Statistical reports

Presents quarterly information collected from health and social care (HSC) trusts on the number of and the amount paid by direct payments, broken down by HSC trust and client group.

Published 17 May 2023Statistical reports

Urinary Catheter Care 

Published 17 May 2023Notices


Published 17 May 2023Research and analysis

Digital Plan

Published 17 May 2023Business plans

Information is collected annually on care leavers aged 16-18 (OC1) and 19 (OC3).

Published 17 May 2023Guidance literature


Published 17 May 2023Guidance literature


Published 17 May 2023Corporate reports

This publication presents information on the number of children on the child protection register at the end of each quarter by age, gender, category of abuse, legal status and duration on the register.

Published 11 May 2023Statistical reports

The published tables (updated quarterly) include the number of children and adults referred for an assessment for autism, and the number of children and adults positively diagnosed with autism each quarter.

Published 04 May 2023Statistical reports


Published 04 May 2023Notices

Resource Budget 2023/24

Published 03 May 2023Notices

The CH8 is collected on a quarterly basis by the health and social care board, in respect of the services for which they have responsibility.

Published 03 May 2023Guidance literature

Amendment ro the Department of Health's Minimum Standards for Children's Homes

Published 28 April 2023Circulars

Presents information on the time spent waiting in emergency care departments in Northern Ireland for both new and unplanned review attendances, and reports on the performance of against the ministerial target in Northern Ireland.

Published 27 April 2023Statistical reports

This background quality report provides users of the ‘Emergency Care Waiting Times Statistics for Northern Ireland’ National Statistics publication, with information relating to the quality of the statistical outputs produced.

Published 26 April 2023Guidance literature

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