Mental health and learning disability returns: KH15/KH15b, KH16 & KH17

Date published: 05 March 2024

This return combines the Admissions under mental health (NI) order 1986: legal status (KH15/KH15b) return, Changes in legal status of patients (KH16) return and the Electro-convulsive therapy: treatments administered (KH17) return.

  • The KH15/KH15b tab relates to all patients admitted during the course of the previous quarter who were detained at admission whether or not they have been discharged subsequently. Voluntary patients should not be included.
  • The KH16 tab relates to all changes in legal status of patients in the hospital which occurred during the quarter. Voluntary patients are included in this return.
  • The KH17 tab records the number of patients receiving electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) treatment and the total number of individual ECT treatments administered in each hospital within a Directly Managed Unit or HSC Trust.
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