Working Longer in Health and Social Care (HSC)

The Health and Social Care Working Longer Group was established in 2016 to take forward the Working Longer agenda in Northern Ireland.

Why is this necessary?

Pension age within the HSC Pension Scheme introduced in 2015 is linked to State Pension Age. HSC staff will therefore be working longer in the future, and demographics mean that the workforce is likely to be older generally.


The HSC Working Longer Group aims to make resources available to the workforce which should help them to understand and address the challenges and opportunities which working longer will bring. These resources can be found here.

The HSC Group

Information on the HSC Working Longer Group’s Terms of Reference and membership can be found here.

The UK Group

More information on the work of the UK-wide Working Longer Group, established by the NHS Staff Council, can be found by clicking on the link at the end of this paragraph. 

*However, it should be noted that this site is housed within the larger NHS Employers site and is primarily designed for use within England, meaning that not all the information is relevant to Northern Ireland. 





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