HSC Working Longer Group Terms of Reference and Membership


A Working Longer Group was established through the UK Staff Council to review the implications of the NHS workforce working to a later, raised retirement age. It covers England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and is a tripartite partnership group between national recognised NHS trade unions, NHS employers and health department representatives.

As the Group moves towards issuing recommendations to assist health bodies in retaining and supporting their staff later in their careers, it was agreed in June 2016 that a specific Task & Finish Group on Working Longer be formed to consider these outcomes within a Northern Ireland context.


To consider the various products, reports and recommendations arising from the UK Staff Council-led Group, together with HSC circumstances, and issue specific advice and support to HSC employers and staff, as necessary;

To collate and disseminate information on current or emerging best practice on this issue between HSC organisations. 


The Group will work in partnership to draft written guidance as necessary, with updates to be provided to the regional Joint Negotiation and Consultation Forum.

Chairs and Membership

EMPLOYERS (Co-Chair: Jacqui Kennedy)

STAFF SIDE (Co-Chair: Claire Ronald)


Jacqui Kennedy-BHSCT

Emma Carroll-NHSCT

Martin Bradley-BSO Pensions

Noeleen McCreanor-SEHSCT

Norah Emerson-HSCB

Ursula Doherty-WHSCT

Vivienne Toal-SHSCT

Claire Ronald-CSP

Dennis Keatings-UNISON

Joanne Stevenson-RCN

Paddy Bond-UNITE

Alison Dunwoody (Information and Analysis)

Marc Bailie

(Workforce Policy)


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