Workforce development - education, skills and careers

The main areas for which Workforce Development within Human Resources Directorate is responsible are regional workforce planning for the Health and Social Care (HSC) and professional regulatory issues. The overall aim of the Unit is to ensure that there are sufficient, suitably qualified, staff to meet the needs of the HSC.

Education & Training

The overall aim of the Education and Training team is to ensure that all HSC staff in Northern Ireland are adequately trained and qualified. The team is responsible for the commissioning of education and training for all HSC employees, including doctors, dentists, nurses, and allied health professions.

The team’s remit also includes the management of the education and training commissioning budgets, the accountability and value for money of several non departmental public bodies, and policy issues relating to the education and training of HSC employees. The team therefore has considerable contact with the HSC sector and education providers across Northern Ireland.

Skills for Health

Skills for Health is the sector skills council for the health sector covering the UK. Skills for Health works with employers and other stakeholders to ensure that those working in the sector are equipped with the right skills to support the development and delivery of healthcare services.

The department, along with the GB Health departments, contributes funding to Skills for Health and is represented on the Board for Skills for Health. The Skills for Health Regional Director for Northern Ireland is Lorna Hunter who is the first point of contact for local health sector employers.

Lorna Hunter
Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland,
Business Development & Consultancy,
Skills for Health

For further information contact or go to the Skills for Health website.


Human Resource Directorate provides an extensive range of information on careers in Health & Social Care.

The material is published on nidirect and is regularly reviewed and updated, and provides information on training and entry qualifications, opportunities, skills and useful links.

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