This page contains Information on the IHRD - User Experience and Advocacy Workstream

Workstream Task

The task of Workstream 7 User Experience and Advocacy is to implement 3 actions from 3 IHRD recommendations as set out below in the workstream brief. 

Workstream Brief

Workstream Membership

Name Organisation
Rodney Morton Department of Health
Alicia Toal Voice of Young People in Care
Paschal McKeown AGE NI
Paul McFall Mental Health Advocacy
Bernandine McCrory Mental Health Advocacy
Jackie McIlroy Department of Health
Linda Kelly Public Health Agency
Michelle Tennyson Public Health Agency
Eileen McEneaney Northern Health and Social Care Trust
Norman Morrow Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
Joan O’Hagan South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
Christine Collins Pateint and Client Council
Ian McMaster Department of Health

Notes of Meetings 

Workstream Up-date

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