This page contains Information on the IHRD Implementation Programme Management Group


The IHRD Implementation Programme Management Group (IPMG) is tasked with overseeing the work of the Programme, to ensure that a consistent approach is taken across all workstreams, that all timescales are adhered to and that decisions affecting the Programme are discussed and agreed by Workstream Chairs. 

Workstream Membership

IPMG is chaired by the Programme Manager and consists of the chairs of each workstream and subgroup and the chair of the Service User Liaison Group.  In addition PCC has observer status on the group. 

Name  Workstream Organisation
Andrew Dawson Implementation Programme Manager Department of Health
Brian O’Hagan Service User Liaison Group  
Quintin Oliver Duty of Candour Workstream  
David Best Death Certification Implementation Working Group Workstream Department of Health
Eddie Rooney Duty of Quality Workstream  
Dr John Simpson Paediatric Clinical Collaborative Workstream Former HSC
TBC Education & Training Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
Rodney Morton User Experience and Advocacy Workstream Department of Health
Philip Rodgers Workforce & Professional Reg. Workstream Department of Health
Briege Donaghy Assurance Workstream Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
Quintin Oliver Being Open Sub-group  
Vivian McConvey Preparation for Inquests Sub-group Patient and Client Council
Paul Finnegan Independent Medical Examiner Sub-group Lighthouse Charity
Colin Wallace Bereavement & Pathology Sub-group Department of Health
Jim Moore ALB Board Effectiveness Sub-group Translink
Donna Ruddy RQIA Remit Sub-group Department of Health
Lynne Charlton Clinical & Social Care Governance Sub-group Northern Ireland Ambulance Service
Karen Jeffrey SAI Workstream Department of Health

Notes of Meetings

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