Professional medical and environmental health advice

Environmental health and climate change, health and social care research and development, professional good practice guidelines and HSC communications and letters from the CMO


Cannabis-based medicinal products

Support and guidance for clinicians in Northern Ireland, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), on the prescribing of cannabis-based medicinal products

Environmental health

Health and wellbeing is influenced by the wider physical environment. By addressing the wider determinants of health, including food safety, housing standards, health and safety, air quality, noise and environment issues generally, environmental health makes a fundamental contribution to the maintenance and improvement of public health.

Guidance surrounding Death

Verification, Certification, Burial and Cremation, Stillbirth, Coroner and Bereavement

HSC research and development (R&D)

The current strategy for Health and Social Care Research and Development is aligned to five strategic priorities.

Related to Professional medical and environmental health advice

Access to information

How to request information from the Department of Health including Freedom of Information, information about yourself and the type of information we commit to publish on a regular basis. More...

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