Guidance surrounding Death

Verification, Certification, Burial and Cremation, Stillbirth, Coroner and Bereavement

This section aims to provide advice, guidance and educational material for staff working with patients, carers and families affected by a death. It provides key information on clinical, legislative, and practical issues.

This material has been designed for health and social care professionals. 

COVID-19 Guidance

All healthcare workers should bear in mind the need to consider this guidance carefully and, using their own clinical judgment, to consider whether it is appropriate to any individual case.

This section provides policy guidance along with templates, forms and implementation aids for the following topics: 

Primary Care (General Practice, Community Health) 

Secondary Care (HSC Hospital Practice) 

Education and Training material Surrounding Death

This section aims to provide educational and training material, primarily for ALL grades of medical staff (including undergraduates and postgraduates). It is designed to be useful at any stage in their career. Other health and social care professionals who work with patients, carers and families affected by a death will find this material useful.

1. Medical Training Programmes
This section provides educational and training presentations for: 

 2Regional M&M Review Training Packages 
This section provides various training and educational “How to …”      presentations on topics related to the Regional Mortality and Morbidity    Review System on NIECR.

This guidance has has been designed for health and social care professionals. If you are a patient, relative or carer and are looking for information on end of life or bereavement care you may find additional help on these sites

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