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Presents information on waiting times at the end of each quarter for a diagnostic service and diagnostic reporting turnaround times.

Published 29 August 2019Statistical reports

The following Code focusses on how the provisions relating to Deprivation of Liberty work

Published 22 August 2019Guidance literature

The following document details scenarios which provide examples of how the Act will operate in practice

Published 22 August 2019Guidance literature

Forms Manual

Published 22 August 2019Guidance literature

The following Code is provided in relation to money and valuables for residents or inpatients and research

Published 22 August 2019Guidance literature

Presents information on inpatients and compulsory admissions under the Mental Health (NI) Order 1986 in mental health and learning disability hospitals. 

Published 21 August 2019Statistical reports

A comprehensive profile of HSC staff by organisation, staff group and category, age, gender and working pattern.  Includes analysis of turnover and vacancies.

Published 20 August 2019Statistical reports

Publications related to IHRD - Workstream 5

Published 16 August 2019Development plan/framework

This publication presents information on the number of children on the child protection register at the end of each quarter by age, gender, category of abuse, legal status and duration on the register.

Published 15 August 2019Statistical reports

Presents statistical information on patient education / self management programmes for long term conditions collected from health and social care trusts and independent programme providers.

Published 14 August 2019Statistical reports

The questionnaire used for the home care experience survey.

Published 08 August 2019Guidance literature

A report on the 2018 survey of home care service users, covering key demographics and focusing on what help they received, how the service was delivered and what users thought of the service they received.

Published 08 August 2019Statistical reports

Surrogacy Pathway for Northern Ireland - Guidance Literature

Published 07 August 2019Guidance literature

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents

Published 06 August 2019Guidance literature

Duty of Candour and Being Open - Call for Evidence Submissions

Published 06 August 2019Correspondence

Presents information on outpatient activity at consultant led and integrated clinical assessment and treatment service (ICATS) services.

Published 01 August 2019Statistical reports

Presents information on inpatient and day case activity at health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland, including available beds, occupied beds, average length of stay, theatre activity and hospital births.

Published 01 August 2019Statistical reports

This section provides presentations both for Regional and Trust Induction programmes.

Published 30 July 2019Guidance literature

Mental Capacity Act (NI) 2016 – Commencement for purposes of Deprivation of Liberty (DoL) - Table providing detail on training modules

Published 26 July 2019Correspondence

Presents information on the time spent waiting in emergency care departments in Northern Ireland for both new and unplanned review attendances, and reports on the performance of against the ministerial target in Northern Ireland.

Published 25 July 2019Statistical reports

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