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The consultation document An Oral Health Strategy for Northern Ireland was launched in September 2004 with the consultation concluding in December 2004.

Published 07 June 2007Policy papers

Management Statement between DoH and RQIA 2006

Published 31 May 2007Policy papers

Many people need transport to enable them to access the health and social care services they need.  Health and Social Care Trusts (Trusts) need to ensure that transport is provided to those who are entitled to access it.  

Published 21 May 2007Guidance literature

Health and social care research and development strategy for Northern Ireland

Published 02 April 2007Policy papers

This bulletin and tables present quality and outcomes framework (QOF) exception reporting data.

Published 28 March 2007Statistical reports

The document looks at how best we can invest in a range of preventative services designed to help children and their families stay together. For those who need to come into care, we want to strengthen kinship care and more flexible forms of foster care.

Published 01 March 2007Guidance literature

Intermediate care is a range of integrated services to prevent unnecessary hospital admission, promote faster recovery from illness, support timely discharge and maximise independent living.

Published 05 February 2007Guidance literature

The aim of this strategy is to ensure that by 2016 all our children and young people are fulfilling their potential. We want those who are doing well to continue to do well.

Published 31 December 2006Guidance literature

The consultant contract is designed to provide a much more effective system of planning and timetabling consultants’ duties and activities for the NHS.

Published 15 December 2006Contract management

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to health professionals

Published 14 December 2006Circulars

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents for 2006.

Published 07 December 2006Guidance literature

The purpose of this policy is to introduce a transparent approach to making best use of resources in plastic surgery and related specialties.

Published 23 November 2006Guidance literature

Documents relating to the Primary Dental Care Strategy (2006).

Published 20 November 2006Policy papers

Pathology services represent a fundamentally important aspect of clinical work within the health services. About three quarters of all diagnoses made in hospital depend on the availability of pathology tests.

Published 20 November 2006Policy papers

A response by DoH to the recommendations contained in Shipman inquiry reports 3, 4 and 5.

Published 17 November 2006Policy papers

Letters and advice on the regulation of medicines issued 2006

Published 01 August 2006Guidance literature

This Code of Practice sets out guidance on the confidentiality of information held by General Practitioner contractors who provide General Medical Services (GMS) and Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS).

Published 25 July 2006Guidance literature

Documents relating to the strategy for infection control nursing in Northern Ireland.

Published 11 July 2006Policy papers

Pharmacy inspector newsletters cover a range of key regulatory issues which reflect matters raised by or with the Inspectors during the inspection process

Published 20 June 2006Notices

Primary care strategy policy papers on integrated working, nurse led discharge and in-reach, case management and intermediate care/community rehabilitation

Published 10 June 2006Policy papers

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