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Joint statement by the four UK Health Departments setting out plans in relation to the regulation of clinical physiologists and other healthcare science groups who seek statutory regulation

Published 26 July 2009Speeches and statements

How to Licence Paramedics in use of controlled drugs

Published 14 July 2009Guidance literature

2009 circulars for looked after children.

Published 03 July 2009Guidance literature

Children and young people with complex physical healthcare needs are a small but growing proportion of those receiving community services from Health and Social Care Trusts and their non-statutory partners.

Published 30 June 2009Policy papers

A region wide multi-agency group from Health and Social Care (HSC) services has worked in partnership with other public and voluntary sector agencies to develop a strategy for bereavement care within the HSC services across Northern Ireland.

Published 15 June 2009Guidance literature

Presents information on waiting times at the end of each quarter for a first outpatient appointment, admission for inpatient treatment and diagnostic service.

Published 04 June 2009Statistical reports

Posters for hospitals and independent sectors promoting cleaner and safer environments for patients

Published 03 June 2009Guidance literature

Regional Guidance on Job Planning for Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors in Northern Ireland

Published 01 June 2009Guidance literature

This pathway guides community services in meeting the needs of families, children and young people, aged up to 18 years, who have complex physical healthcare needs.

Published 31 May 2009Policy papers

A quarterly summary of HSC staff by organisation and staff group including summary of 5 year trends.

Published 08 May 2009Statistical reports

Families matter: Supporting families in Northern Ireland. Regional family and parenting strategy - March 2009

Published 31 March 2009Guidance literature

Regional family and parenting strategy to support families in Northern Ireland.

Published 12 March 2009Policy papers

The healthcare science workforce is at the heart of safe and effective care for patients, working across some 51 disciplines.

Published 26 February 2009Policy papers

Identifying the need for and purpose of an investigation into the performance of a GP

Published 02 February 2009Policy papers

In March 2008, the Department of Health (DoH) commenced a review in the use and interpretation of cardiotocography in intrapartum fetal surveillance.

Published 31 January 2009Policy papers

Guidance on the use of Midazolam in sedation

Published 31 December 2008Circulars

External financial guidance circulars for 2008

Published 31 December 2008Circulars

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to HSC professionals

Published 30 December 2008Circulars

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents for 2008.

Published 22 December 2008Guidance literature

Advice in relation to Safety, Quality and Standards for 2007-2008

Published 25 November 2008Circulars

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