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Below are the personal statements of applicants who were successful in the relevant awards round.

Published 01 April 2010Correspondence

Healthy Futures provides those working within child health services and broader stakeholders with information about the role and function of health visitors and school nurses within integrated children’s services and describes the contribution of these services to improv

Published 31 March 2010Policy papers

The vision of this strategy is that any person with an advanced non-curative condition, lives well and dies well irrespective of their condition or care setting


Published 31 March 2010Guidance literature

This is a study into cocaine use in Northern Ireland in order to explore patterns of use of the drug and lifestyles of cocaine users in Northern Ireland.

Published 24 March 2010Statistical reports

A palliative and end of life care strategy for adults in Northern Ireland.

Published 18 March 2010Policy papers

HSC Manual of Accounts 2009/10

Published 16 March 2010Circulars

Below is the list of applicants who were successful in the relevant awards round.

A full list of all Award Holders may be found in the current annual report.

Published 05 March 2010Notices

Endorsed NICE Clinical Guidelines 2009/2010

Published 12 February 2010Guidance literature

Information and about what non-medical prescribers can prescribe from DoH

Published 04 February 2010Guidance literature

2010 circulars for looked after children.

Published 02 February 2010Guidance literature

For all staff, it is important to understand the effects that parental mental health may have upon the children in the family.

Published 01 February 2010Guidance literature

Changing the culture 2010 - Strategic regional action plan for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in Northern Ireland

Published 21 January 2010Development plan/framework

External financial guidance circulars for 2009

Published 31 December 2009Financial plans and reports

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to HSC professionals for 2009

Published 22 December 2009Circulars

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents for 2009.

Published 17 December 2009Guidance literature

Endorsed NICE Technology Appraisals 2009/2010

Published 20 November 2009Guidance literature

This circular sets out the process for managing patient choice on discharge from hospital.

Published 06 October 2009Guidance literature

The response of the Northern Ireland Executive to the Bamford Review of Mental Health and Learning Disability.

Published 06 October 2009Policy papers

This bulletin and tables present quality and outcomes framework (QOF) exception reporting data.

Published 30 September 2009Statistical reports

Information contained in this publication relates to children who have been in care continuously for 12 months or more.

Published 04 September 2009Statistical reports

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