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Northern Ireland strategy for promoting good nutrition and guidance and resources to support the use of 'MUST' across all care settings.

Published 20 December 2013Policy papers

The incidence rates for oral cancer have been rising across the UK in recent years.

The most recent UK data from 2011 shows that more than 6,500 people were diagnosed with the disease, equivalent to about 18 people per day.

Published 12 December 2013Guidance literature

NICE Technology Appraisals - Process for Endorsement, Implementation, Monitoring and Assurance in Northern Ireland 

Published 11 December 2013Guidance literature

Datasets and business rules containing the information required to identify those patients who are eligible for inclusion on the disease register, indicator denominator and the indicator numerator

Published 10 December 2013Legislation and regulations

Letter to dentists concerning oral cancer from the Chief Dental Officer

Published 08 December 2013Guidance literature

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents for 2013.

Published 06 December 2013Guidance literature

Speaker presentations from the 2013 Chief Nursing Officer conference

Published 27 November 2013Policy papers

Information on health & social care (HSC) vacancies is collected via a quarterly return from HSC organisations, gathering information on HSC vacancies actively being recruited to at quarter end.

Published 21 November 2013Statistical reports

Forms for the Northern Ireland Clinical Excellence Awards scheme

Published 01 November 2013Guidance literature

These tables present QOF achievement data.

Published 30 October 2013Statistical reports

This bulletin and tables present quality and outcomes framework (QOF) exception reporting data.

Published 29 October 2013Statistical reports

Joint statement from the British Society for Oral Medicine (BSOM) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Published 21 October 2013Notices

A quarterly summary of HSC staff by organisation and staff group including summary of 5 year trends.

Published 15 October 2013Statistical reports

Guidance for the Northern Ireland Clinical Excellence Awards scheme

Published 01 October 2013Guidance literature

Clinical pharmacy relates to the safe, effective and economic use of medicines and contributes to the ‘patient care journey’ at all stages.

Published 19 September 2013Development plan/framework

Directions issued to Health & Social Care Services on Procedures for Complaints 

Published 02 September 2013Guidance literature

This document is intended to be used as an aid in helping to develop and implement local procedures and systems for the promotion of security of prescription forms.

Published 14 August 2013Legislation and regulations

Report analysing responses to the consultation on Who Cares? The Future of Adult Care and Support in NI.

Published 13 August 2013Policy papers

Endorsed NICE Technology Appraisals 2011/13 under the Previous Process 

Published 13 August 2013Guidance literature

Letters and advice on the regulation of medicines issued 2013

Published 06 August 2013Guidance literature

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