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External financial guidance circulars for 2010

Published 31 December 2010Circulars

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to HSC professionals for 2010

Published 21 December 2010Circulars

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents for 2010.

Published 16 December 2010Guidance literature

The Mental Health NI Order 1986 Prescribed forms

Published 14 December 2010Forms

Minutes of Northern Ireland Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) meetings

Published 02 December 2010Agendas and minutes

The UK-wide Modernising Scientific Careers initiative aims to enable a single, visible workforce ‘Healthcare Scientists’ with structured education, training and career progression pathways. 

Published 01 December 2010Development plan/framework

The Northern Ireland Clinical Excellence Awards committee produces an annual report following every awards round, detailing both the higher and lower awards competitions and outcomes.

Published 18 November 2010Corporate reports

This report presents information on infections among drug users in the UK.

Published 05 November 2010Statistical reports

Guidance including HSS Circulars for carers

Published 20 October 2010Guidance literature

The purpose of this circular is to provide interim guidance on the principles to be applied by those involved in taking decisions about an individual’s care or treatment that may result in the deprivation of that individual’s liberty. 

Published 14 October 2010Circulars

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) in October 2009 established a review of the development needs of pharmaceutical staff in the hospital sector to make recommendations for the way forward.  The work complements and builds upon previous wo

Published 11 October 2010Guidance literature

This bulletin and tables present quality and outcomes framework (QOF) exception reporting data.

Published 30 September 2010Statistical reports

Midwifery 2020 has set out to develop an informed vision of the contribution midwives will make to achieving quality, cost effective maternity services for women, babies and families across the United Kingdom. 

Published 30 September 2010Policy papers

Endorsed NICE Technology Appraisals 2008/2009

Published 21 September 2010Guidance literature

Presents information on waiting times at the end of each quarter for a first outpatient appointment, a first integrated clinical assessment and treatment services (ICATS) appointment, admission for inpatient treatment and diagnostic service.

Published 02 September 2010Statistical reports

This bulletin summaries information on individuals referred to the Northern Ireland substitute prescribing scheme (SPS).

Published 02 September 2010Statistical reports

Departmental guidance has been issued to Health and Social Care professionals which deals with the issue of children who become Looked After and are on the Child Protection Register.  The guidance is effective from 1st September 2010.

Published 27 August 2010Guidance literature

A report on the 2009 survey of home care service users, covering key demographics and focusing on what help they received, how the service was delivered and what users thought of the service they received

Published 25 August 2010Statistical reports

The Northern Ireland personal child health record (PCHR) has been in place for children born since 1 January 1995.

Published 19 August 2010Guidance literature

Guidance for pharmacists and dispensing doctors

Published 15 August 2010Guidance literature

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