Quality and outcomes framework (QOF) statistics - annual report

The quality and outcomes framework (QOF) is the annual reward and incentive programme detailing GP practice achievement results. QOF is a voluntary process for all surgeries in the UK and was introduced as part of the GP contract in 2004

What QOF is

The QOF contains groups of indicators, against which practices score points according to their level of achievement. QOF awards surgeries achievement points for (i) managing some of the most common chronic diseases e.g. asthma, diabetes; (ii) how well the practice is organised; (iii) improving quality and productivity in other parts of the health service such as secondary care and (iv) the amount of extra services offered such as child health and maternity services.

The QOF gives an indication of the overall achievement of a practice through a points system. Practices aim to deliver high quality care across a range of areas, for which they score points. Put simply, the higher the score, the higher the financial reward for the practice. The results are published annually by each UK country.

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