Governance in Health and Social Care an introduction

This section provides an overview of Governance in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

What is Governance 

Governance is "the system by which an organisation directs and controls its functions and relates to its stakeholders” HM Treasury

In other words, the way in which organisations:

  • manage their business
  • determine strategy & objectives
  • go about achieving these objectives

Board Governance Self Assessment Tool

DoH Arm’s Length Bodies Boards  are required to complete a Board Governance Self Assessment Tool on an annual basis. 

The tool assesses the effectiveness of board composition & commitment; board evaluation, development & learning; board insight and foresight; and board engagement and involvement.

National Audit Office Audit Committee Checklist

DOH Arm’s Length Bodies are required to complete the National Audit Office Audit Committee Checklist, on an annual basis as recommended as best practice by the National Audit Office. Audit Committees can assess their performance against best practice using the checklist.

Controls Assurance Standards 

22 Controls Assurance Standards which have been developed by the Department to support the embedding of organisation-wide risk management in HSC bodies.

Reporting Compliance with Controls Assurance Standards

Guidance on Reporting Compliance with Controls Assurance Standards has been developed. 

Risk Register Guidance 

Guidance on how to populate a Risk Register was developed under the auspices of the NHS Health and Care Standards Unit. The DHSSPS commends it to the HSC as a useful and informative piece of guidance material. 

Code of Conduct and Code of Accountability For Department of Health Arm’s Length Bodies Board Members

This document comprises a Code of Conduct and a Code of Accountability for Board Members   


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