COVID-19 - Scientific Evidence

All papers from SAGE or other sources should be viewed in context: papers represent the authors’ best assessment of the evidence at the time of writing. The picture is developing rapidly and, as new evidence or data emerges, SAGE updates its advice accordingly. Therefore, some of the information in papers may have been superseded and the author’s opinions or conclusions may since have developed.

COVID-19 - Slides used at DoH press briefings

Link to the slides used at DoH press briefings on the given date to describe the course of the epidemic at that time.

Non-pharmaceutical options to reducing the risk of Covid-19

Table from NI Executive paper on measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 (24th September 2020)

Coronavirus weekly and monthly bulletins

The Public Health Agency (PHA) produces weekly and monthly bulletins on the COVID-19 pandemic in Northern Ireland.

COVID-19 mobility reports

These reports present an assessment of social distancing in Northern Ireland, showing how visits and length of stay at different places have changed on given days compared to a baseline.

COVID-19 infection survey

Findings and analyses from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey in Northern Ireland.

Health and Social Care Chairs Forum - Weekly updates

Letters from the Minister to ALB DoH Chairs - weekly updates

DoH summary paper to NI Executive

Evidence papers - February 2021

Evidence papers - January 2021

Evidence papers - December 2020

Evidence papers - November 2020

Evidence papers - October 2020

Evidence papers - September 2020

Evidence papers - August 2020

Evidence papers - July 2020


Evidence papers - June 2020

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