DoH Chief Social Work Officer responsibilities

Aine Morrison is the DoH Chief Social Work Officer

Key Responsibilities

  • managing and co-ordinating the work of the Office of Social Services (OSS)
  • ensuring completion of outworking of the current inspections and evaluation programme
  • providing input to major Reviews and Inquiries as determined by Minister or other government Departments
  • oversight of policy development with regard to social work and social care training, related professional issues and sponsorship of NISCC
  • scrutiny of Schemes for the Delegation of Statutory functions
  • determining the operational policies of the OSS and the management and allocation of resources
  • producing and managing the OSS Business Plan
  • maintaining the OSS Risk Register
  • providing input to the DoH Human Rights screening programme
  • sitting on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Review Panel to determine the suitability of people to work with children or vulnerable adults
  • providing professional advice to inform policy and legislative formulation to DoH and other government Departments
  • quality assuring OSS input to briefings, submissions, policy development and OSS Publications
  • professional secretary to the DoH Central Personal Social Services Advisory Committee
  • promoting effective working relationships with the Child Care Policy Directorate, other Policy Branches, Departments and other Agencies; and
  • deputising for the Chief Social Work Officer

    Correspondence from the Chief Social Worker for Northern Ireland
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