'Making Life Better' is the strategic framework for public health. It is designed to provide direction for policies and actions to improve the health and well being of people in Northern Ireland and to reduce health inequalities.

A whole system framework for public health (2013-23)

'Making Life Better - a whole system framework for public health (2013-23)' builds on the former public health strategy 'Investing for Health' and takes account of consultation feedback on the draft framework 'Fit and Well - Changing Lives' and a number of other key reports and evidence.

Achieving a healthier Northern Ireland will hinge largely on what is done collaboratively through both policy and practice to influence the wide range of factors that influence lives and choices. The framework is not just about actions and programmes at government level, but also provides direction for work at both regional and local levels with public agencies, including local government, local communities and others, working in partnership.

Through strength of coordination and partnership, the framework will seek to create the conditions for individuals and communities to take control of their own lives, and move towards a vision for Northern Ireland where all people are enabled and supported in achieving their full health and well being potential.

First progress report (2014-15)

In the first year of implementation, the main focus has been to set in place structures, build relationships, and to start the process of embedding a whole system approach which will strengthen and consolidate partnerships working for health improvement. A narrative on this forms a part of this first progress report along with an update on some of the range of actions being taken forward and a look ahead to challenges in the coming year.


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