Health and Social Care Transformation – Consultation on Criteria for Reconfiguring Health and Social Care Services

Consultation opened on 11 November 2016. Closing date 03 February 2017.


In the Minster’s vision for the future of health and social care, ‘Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together’, published on 25 October 2016, she gave a commitment to embark on a consultation on the criteria for reconfiguring health and social care services. The Department of Health is seeking the views of the public and stakeholders on the 7 criteria contained in the Expert Panel report “Systems, Not Structures: Changing Health and Social Care”.


Consultation description

The Department of Health (“the Department”) is proposing to introduce new criteria for the Department and Health and Social Care (HSC) organisations to use in future to assess how the delivery of services, should be reconfigured in the future.

HSC services need to be changed or withdrawn (this is known as reconfiguration) in circumstances where either continuation in their present form is unsustainable or where their future delivery could be improved to give better health and wellbeing outcomes for the people who use the service.

Following extensive engagement with stakeholders the Expert Panel, chaired by Professor Rafael Bengoa developed a set of criteria for assessing the sustainability of services. 

This consultation is seeking views of all stakeholders on those criteria.

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