Special category records

There may be some classes of material that from time to time may need special arrangements to be made for their registration or review. Such records may be termed as ‘special category records’.

Special category records

Records may be treated as special category records for a variety of reasons including the:

  • importance of the record
  • confidentiality of the record
  • use to which the record is put

A record is not distinguished as a special category record simply because of its actual nature, rather it is distinguished because for official purposes it needs to be treated differently from the other records.

The Records Management Officer should be advised of the existence of any special category records and arrangements must be put in place to ensure that they are subject to the normal review procedure, or that a special review is agreed with PRONI.

Special category records held on paper should not be held on unregistered files.

However, if it is necessary to do so for administrative reasons (and they have been retained for five years), the papers should become registered at first review.

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