Research and innovation

Digital will support the acceleration of research and innovation to gradually embrace system leading disruptive and cutting edge solutions

Embed a culture of research and innovation across our organisations, underpinned by greater collaboration with our key partners.

Advances in technology, and the growth in its use, means we need a constant focus on what is coming next. Northern Ireland is well placed to support the development, design, testing and – ultimately – the adoption of new technology. This ranges from advances in artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), through to the apps, tools and products that we increasingly use in our everyday lives, such as smart connected devices in the home and the ever more powerful devices in our pockets.

How we work with and influence some of these important developments in technology will be key to ensuring that they put our population’s wellbeing at their core. This will rely upon shared knowledge, expertise and understanding across a wide range of sectors.

We will put in place a structure and key considerations for digital innovation by:

  • Assuring innovation is aligned to the HSC identified service priorities 
  • Creating a “digital innovation hub” which will support the adoption of digital health and care innovation 
  • Developing stronger partnerships across the HSC and with those who support it

The vision for HSC digital innovation seeks to identify existing digital innovation best practice and enhance our ability to pilot and scale initiatives, secure funding and investment and form partnerships with industry, academia and government. It recognises that digital innovation can radically improve health outcomes if it is supported by sufficient investment in governance, data use, access to funding and workforce capacity.

Our priority will be to streamline our approach to digital innovation through the ability to pilot, scale and spread innovative ideas, identify routes to funding and investment, and put in place a culture that is conducive to meet the vision and achieve the desired transformational outcomes.

HSC Digital Innovation Strategy

Download the HSC Digital Strategy

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