Children in foster care

Foster Care is when a child is placed by a Health and Social Care Trust, or by its parents (or those with parental responsibility), with another person who is not related to the child. Fostering provides children who cannot live with their own families for whatever reason with alternative care where they can benefit from a loving, safe and stable home for as long as they need it.


The current legislative framework for foster care is set out within:


Guidance for Health and Social Care professionals on foster care is set out within;

Foster care allowances

Health and Social Care Trusts pay foster care allowances as agreed annually with the Health and Social Care Board. The allowances are in line with national minimum rates in England.  These standard rates of foster care care allowances are known the Model Scheme.

Health and Social Care adoption and foster care

If you are interested in foster care in Northern Ireland, or are currently a foster care in Northern Ireland, you can contact the Regional Adoption and Fostering Service:

Website: adoption&fostercare
Telephone: 0800 0720 137 (a 24 hour, regional service)

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