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The strategy and action plan set out in Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together builds on the strong foundations laid by Transforming Your Care and other programmes of change, as well as the report of Professor Bengoa’s Expert Panel “Systems not Structures”. 

As the then Health Minister Michelle O’Neill set out when she launched Delivering Together in October 2016, this is now the single roadmap for the future transformation of health and social care services, and therefore has integrated ongoing activity and initiatives which started under Transforming Your Care.

Background to Transforming Your Care

In June 2011, the Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety announced that a review of the provision of health and social care services in Northern Ireland would be undertaken.

The aim of the Review was to bring forward recommendations for the future shape of services and provide an implementation plan.

An independent review panel was formed, led by John Compton, then Chief Executive of the Health and Social Care Board acting in ex-officio capacity.  The review panel engaged widely with the public, clinical and professional leaders, health and social care organisations and stakeholders in the voluntary, community, private and independent sectors.

The review panel reported in December 2011, publishing ‘Transforming Your Care: A Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland’.  It made 99 proposals for change across the range of health and social care services.

The TYC Review proposed a new model of care for Northern Ireland, underpinned by twelve major principles for change:

  • placing the individual at the centre of the model by promoting a better outcome for the service user, carer, and their family
  • using outcomes and quality evidence to shape services
  • providing the right care in the right place at the right time
  • population-based planning of services
  • a focus on prevention and tackling inequalities
  • integrated care – working together
  • promoting independence and personalisation of care
  • safeguarding the most vulnerable
  • ensuring sustainability of service provision
  • realising value for money
  • maximising the use of technology
  • incentivising innovation at a local level

Strategic implementation plan and population plans

On foot of the review, the Health and Social Care Board and the Health and Social Care Trusts developed implementation plans.

A draft strategic implementation plan was developed to provide an over-arching plan for the changes to be made in support of Transforming Your Care.  

Draft local population plans were also developed for each Local Commissioning Group (LCG) area.  These plans provided details of the proposed implementation of Transforming Your Care in each local area.

The plans were developed in July 2012 and included as part of the consultation process which ran from October 2012-January 2013. The finalised version of the strategic implementation plan and the local population plans were published in October 2013.


From October 2012 to January 2013, a consultation was undertaken in response to the proposals emerging from Transforming Your Care.

The Vision to Action consultation document summarised the key proposals for change in health and social care in Northern Ireland. The consultation was also provided in easy read format.

Over the three month consultation period, a series of consultation events were held across Northern Ireland.  Many people attended these events, responded to the consultation and got involved via social media.

Overall, the consultation received more than 2,200 responses from people across Northern Ireland.  There was strong agreement among respondents of the need to responding to the changing needs of our population.

A summary of the findings from the consultation was published in the Vision to Action Post Consultation report in March 2013. This report also set out the Health and Social Care Board’s response to the issues raised by the consultation respondents and highlighted how these would be addressed during the implementation of Transforming Your Care.

Implementation of Transforming Your Care

The implementation of Transforming Your Care is being led by the Health and Social Care Board in collaboration with the Health and Social Care Trusts and other providers.

Work is progressing at a steady pace.  Some of the key areas in which work is being taken forward include:

  • Integrated Care Partnerships – ICPs are bringing together health and social care providers from both the statutory and voluntary sector to help improve the patient journey, manage chronic illnesses and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions especially for our frail elderly and those with long term conditions.
  • Reablement - this service is for people who have suffered from a health or social care crisis, who are recovering from an illness or injury and have become frail as a result. Reablement helps people regain their independence and continue to live in their own homes. Work has been underway regionally to review this service so that it can be expanded and improved across Northern Ireland.
  • Health and Care Centres - construction is on-going on the development of three new centres in Banbridge, Ballymena and Omagh. A further two approved for Newry and Lisburn are currently in the procurement process.
  • Self Directed Support - this support increases the choice, flexibility and control that services users have over their social care budget and the services they receive. Progress has been made with positive engagement from all Trusts, and implementation plans and communications about further rollout of this important initiative are underway.

TYC in action

Transforming Your Care focuses on reshaping how services are to be structured and delivered in order to make best use of all resources available to us, and in so doing, ensure that our services are safe, resilient and sustainable into the future.

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB), in partnership with the Health and Social Care Trusts and other providers, is leading the implementation of many of the service changes in response to theTransforming Your Care proposals. If you want to find out more about the latest news and developments, this can be found on the HSCB Transforming Your Care website:

Key Documents

Ministerial Statements and press releases on Transforming Your Care

Press releases

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Public meetings 

As part of the review the review team have undertaken a process of engagement with stakeholders, including the public; this involved workshops, meetings and an online survey.

Details of the public meetings are available on the HSCB website.

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