Standards for Nursing Assistants and associated resources

Date published: 22 February 2018

The Department has launched a suite of resources aimed at strengthening the vital role undertaken by our Nursing Assistants working in Northern Ireland HSC Trusts.


A Nursing Assistant is someone who works in a nursing context, undertakes delegated aspects of nursing care and is supervised by a Registered Nurse. The resources include Standards for Nursing Assistants employed by HSC Trusts; Induction and Development Pathway for Nursing Assistants and other linked resources. A full list of the resources and a link to each document is set out below.

Nursing Assistants are an essential part of the healthcare team. They provide a vital role supporting the registered nursing workforce to deliver high quality nursing care. Mandating these Standards across the HSC will serve to recognise and support the valued contribution made by this group of staff. 

The Department is also mandating the use of the following titles across all Trusts: Nursing Assistant for those employed at Band 2 and Senior Nursing Assistant for those employed at Band 3.

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