Pharmacy Workforce Review 2020

Date published: 09 November 2020

Last updated: 27 October 2023

In March 2018 a Project Board was established to complete a review of the pharmacy workforce, incorporating pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support staff, to inform HSC workforce development needs over the next ten years.  The review was planned and reported in accordance with the Regional HSC Workforce Planning Framework, which is a practical approach to ensuring a workforce of the right size and with the right skills.


The objectives of the review were to complete an analysis of the current pharmacy workforce in Northern Ireland, describe a workforce model to support HSC transformation, and make recommendations regarding the commissioning of pharmacy pre-registration and post-registration training. The scope of the review included pharmacy practice in HSC settings, including community pharmacy, general practice and hospitals

This Workforce Review Report was produced by the Pharmacy Workforce Review Project Board and has been approved by the Department’s Workforce Strategy Programme Board.  The Minister has read and noted this Workforce Review Report and the action plan for implementation. A Pharmacy Workforce Review steering group has been convened to oversee the progress of the implementation of the 17 key recommendations outlining the HSC pharmacy workforce needs over the next 10 years. Reports of the working of the group are linked below.

Pharmacy Technician Regulation and Development newsletters can be accessed via the Department of Health website.

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