Online Safety Strategy and Action Plan

Date published: 09 February 2021

The Online Safety Strategy and accompanying 3 year Action Plan have been developed with the vision that all children and young people enjoy the educational, social and economic benefits of the online world, and that they are empowered to do this safely, knowledgably and without fear.


Essential to achieving our vision is the meaningful participation of children and young people; parents and carers; schools, colleges and youth organisations; practitioners who work with children and young people; service developers and policy makers; the wider public; internet and technology providers and wider statutory and voluntary services.  There is a responsibility on all of us to help ensure children and young people are safe in the online world. 

The Child Protection Senior Officials Group will oversee the strategy and the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland will take the lead as central coordinating body with responsibility for online safety.

Online safety of children and young people falls within the remit of all government departments in some capacity. 

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