New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs (2006-11)

Date published: 09 June 2010

Documents and guidance relating to the New Strategic Direction on Alcohol and Drugs (2006-11).


Alcohol and drug misuse together cost Northern Ireland society hundreds of millions of pounds a year, and causes undoubted misery to many individuals, families and communities.

This New Strategic Direction sets out to build on the successes and achievements of previous policies in this area. It acknowledges the excellent work carried out across Northern Ireland by hard working and dedicated individuals and organisations in the statutory and non-statutory sectors. It also draws on that wealth of experience, knowledge and skills developed in recent years.

The New Strategic Direction contains a number of Key Priorities and five pillars - prevention and early intervention; treatment and support; law and criminal justice; harm reduction and monitoring, evaluation and research. These pillars reflect that there has to be a consistent, co-ordinated and above all integrated response to these issues.

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