Publication of Quarterly Carers’ Statistics for Northern Ireland (April – June 2017)

Date published: 07 September 2017

This publication of quarterly figures relates to assessments and re-assessments offered to carers in Northern Ireland. A carer’s assessment looks at each carer as an individual with their own personal circumstances, and will identify any particular needs they may have as a result.

Quarterly Carers’ Statistics for Northern Ireland

Key Facts and Figures:

During quarter ending 30 June 2017:

Carers' Assessments

  • A carer's assessment was offered to 3,593 carers in Northern Ireland during the quarter ending 30 June 2017. This represented a 6% (203) increase on the number of  assessments offered in the previous quarter (3,390), and a 9% (307) increase when compared to the same quarter last year (3,286)
  • Of the 3,593 carers' assessments offered, 43% (1,544) were accepted / completed and 57% (2,049) were declined
  • Those carers caring for someone in the Children with Disabilities client group were the most likely to accept an offer of an assessment, whereas those caring for someone in the CAMHS client group were the least likely to accept an offer of an assessment

Carers' Reassessments

  • A carer’s reassessment was offered to 641 carers in Northern Ireland. This represented a 29% (143) increase on the previous quarter (498) and an increase of 7% (44) from the same quarter last year (597)
  • Of the 641 carers’ reassessments offered, 75% (481) were accepted / completed and 25% (160) were declined

Notes to editors: 

1. This information was collated by Community Information Branch within the DoH.

2. A statistical release of carers’ information is published on a quarterly basis.

3. Statistics detailed within the bulletin are presented regionally and by Health and Social Care Trust in respect of carers’ assessments and reassessments that are offered, accepted / completed and declined; and are available by the client group of the person being cared for.

4. Similar statistics relating to the quarter ending 30 September 2017 are due for release on 7 December 2017.

5. This publication is available online.

6. Further information is available from: 

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