Publication of “Domiciliary Care Services for Adults in Northern Ireland (2018)”

Date published: 13 December 2018

The Department of Health today published a statistical bulletin summarising information on adults receiving domiciliary care services during a survey week in September 2018.

The bulletin presents information on the numbers of clients receiving domiciliary care, contact hours, domiciliary care visits and intensive domiciliary care provision.

The survey was completed by each health and social care trust between October and December 2018.

Key Facts and Figures:

During the survey week in September 2018:

Contact Hours

  • An estimated 267,083 contact hours of domiciliary care were provided by HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland, an increase of 2% (5,431) from the survey week in 2017 (261,652).
  • The statutory sector provided 29% of domiciliary care contact hours, with 71% provided by the independent sector.
  • An average of 11.4 domiciliary care contact hours were provided per client, similar to 2017 (11.3).

Clients Receiving Domiciliary Care

  • HSC Trusts provided domiciliary care services for 23,409 clients, similar to the number during the survey week in 2017 (23,195).

Domiciliary Care Visits

  • 504,845 domiciliary care visits were provided to clients, 27% from the statutory sector and 73% from the independent sector.
  • Over half (54%) of all domiciliary care visits provided to clients were between 16 and 30 minutes long.  Three in ten (30%) visits were 15 minutes or less and under one in six (16%) were more than 30 minutes long.
  • 10,155 clients received a domiciliary care visit lasting 15 minutes or less, over two-fifths (43%) of all clients receiving domiciliary care.

Clients Receiving Intensive Domiciliary Care

  • 8,771 clients received intensive domiciliary care services, which is defined as 6 or more visits and more than 10 contact hours during the survey week. This represents a 4% increase (326) compared to the survey week in 2017 (8,445).

Notes to editors: 

  1. All publications are available on the Department's website.
  2. About the data:

    The source of the data contained in this release is the Departmental CC7b statistical return which is collected from HSC Trusts on an annual basis.

    Figures incorporate all returns and amendments received from HSC Trusts up to 5th December 2018.
  3. This statistical bulletin was produced by Community Information Branch, DoH.

    Further information is available from:

    Community Information Branch
    Department of Health
    Room 11
    Annexe 2
    Castle Buildings
    Stormont Estate
    BT4 3SQ

    Telephone: (028) 90 522342


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