New eLearning module launched for Allied Health Professionals

Date published: 05 September 2018

A co-produced Allied Health Professionals (AHP) eLearning module was launched by Hazel Winning during the DOH Regional AHP Leadership programme event on Wednesday 5 September.


The eLearning module promotes the message that AHPs are stronger together. It helps AHPs increase their awareness of other AHPs, the DOH AHP Strategy, AHP leadership and knowledge of clinical governance.

Department of health Chief AHP Officer Hazel Winning said: “It is great to see such concise information about AHPs. This eLearning will help our AHP staff who are so clinically expert and competent yet lack self-belief about leadership.”

Attendees included Department of Health Permanent Secretary Richard Pengelly,  Chief Nursing Officer Charlotte McArdle and Trust AHP leads. 

Margaret Moorehead MBE, SET Assistant Director of Allied Health Professions said: “This resource will ensure all future AHP staff employed within HSC in Northern Ireland from the start of their employment, are aware of their part to play within the AHP collective group.”

Allied Health Professions (AHPs) are 12 distinct and unique professions who together make up the third largest cohort of staff in the NHS working across the full spectrum of primary and secondary care. They are an innovative, diverse group with a common approach and core values to provide safe and effective patient centred care. Collectively they create solutions in challenging times helping to maximise resources, save money and improve patient outcomes.

Orthoptist Jessica Boyd said: “I would highly recommend the AHP e-learning module to all new and existing Allied Healthcare Professionals. It highlighted the importance of taking opportunities to learn more about our AHP colleagues, recognising how we differ but also complement each other in our skills and expertise.  

“As AHPs we have a stronger voice when we collaborate, not only achieving a shared vision of providing safe, sustainable and high quality services for our patients but also in overcoming daily challenges within Health and Social Care services.”

The content of the eLearning built on successful projects which have been part of previous cohorts of DOH Regional AHP Leadership programme. There are 2 distinct parts to the eLearning, the core AHPs regional training materials and Trust specific training materials. There are also 'Additional Resources' with links to documents and additional materials that AHPs may find useful. The eLearning can be accessed from


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