Covid fact file – make an informed choice

Date published: 09 August 2021

Getting vaccinated cuts your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19.

It reduces your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19.

Back in December last year, for every 1000 cases of Covid, in the region of 80 were admitted to hospital.

Now it’s around 22 admissions per 1000 cases.

Don’t let anyone tell you vaccination isn’t effective.

Of course, it doesn’t totally eradicate all risk – no vaccine in history has ever been 100% effective 100% of the time. But it does make you significantly safer – it shifts the odds in your favour.

Getting the jab brings normality closer – getting us back to enjoying all the things we have missed so much.

It’s likely that proof of vaccination will be important for holidays, concerts, festivals, sports events etc.

It’s your decision whether to get the jab.

Don’t fall for the nonsense peddled by anti vax extremists.

Some even claim Covid is a hoax, in which Governments and health workers right across the world are somehow all involved. That’s an insult to all those who have lost their lives to this virus – and all those who have been bereaved and suffered serious ill health.

Don’t buy the online lies. COVID-19 vaccines have been through the same safety checks as other vaccines.

Contrary to ridiculous claims made, they don’t change your DNA, make you magnetic, or let billionaires implant microchips in you. They don’t contain fetal cells.  They don’t have any effect on fertility.

The experts have been open and up front about vaccine side effects – the vast majority of which are minor and short-lived. When it comes to very rare cases of extreme reactions, the advice is clear – Covid is the greater risk to the population.

It’s your decision. Make an informed choice.

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