DoH Departmental Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (DARAC)

Part of: DoH management and structure

About DARAC 

The Departmental Board established an Audit & Risk Assurance Committee, to advise the Accounting Officer, through the Departmental Board, on the quality of assurances they receive about strategic processes for risk management, governance, internal control and the integrity of financial statements.

DARAC Membership

Jim McCooe – Non-Executive Director (Chair)

Andrew Magowan – Non Executive Director

Linda Williams – Independent Member (Director of Goverance & Commercial Services – DfC)

Louise Watson – Independent Member (Director of Further Education – DfE)

DARAC Meetings

The Committee meets at least five times a year in March, June, July, September and December.

The Chair of the Committee may convene additional meetings as deemed necessary.


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