Northern Ireland Clinical Excellence Award Scheme Consultation

Consultation opened on 21 November 2023. Closing date 13 February 2024.


This consultation invites people to express their views on reforming the Clinical Excellence Award Scheme for Northern Ireland. This will mainly affect the medical and dental consultant population though many others will have views on the scheme and everyone with an interest is encouraged to respond to the consultation.


Consultation description

The Department of Health (the Department), in the exercise of its statutory powers to regulate the Health Service in order to promote the health of people in Northern Ireland, is seeking views on reforms to the Northern Ireland Clinical Excellence Awards Scheme.

The Department has been engaged with key stakeholders including the British Medical Association and Health and Social Care Trusts to elicit their views and preferences in order to inform the Department’s development of a revised government scheme for rewarding high performance in the medical field.

The draft scheme which is the subject of this consultation proposes to broaden access to the scheme, make the application process fairer and more inclusive, and to also change the current application process.

The consultation document sets out the existing awards scheme in Northern Ireland, the existing approaches in Great Britain; and invites views on a number of issues.

You can respond to this consultation via the Online Survey hosted on Citizen Space, which can be accessed using the Respond Online link below.

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