Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2018 Consultation

Consultation opened on 24 October 2017. Closing date 19 December 2017.


A public consultation on draft regulations to regulate medical exposure to ionising radiation in line with requirements of the European Council Basic Safety Standards Directive (2013/59/EURATOM) was launched on 24 October 2017 and closed on 19 December 2017. Following the consultation exercise the draft legislation was revised, made and came into operation on 6 February 2018. A summary of consultation responses has been compiled and is available below.

The Department would like to thank all organisations and individuals who responded to the consultation for their valuable contribution to the development of this policy.


Consultation description

The aim of the proposals is to transpose the requirements of the BSSD which relate to medical exposure to ionising radiation and to update and simplify existing arrangements.  The proposed regulations set out safety standards and requirements for licensing and training of practitioners, licensing of healthcare facilities and recognition of medical physics experts.  The regulations are essentially technical in nature and based on the requirements of the BSSD.

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