Consultation on a draft “Strategic Framework for Imaging Services in Health and Social Care”

Consultation opened on 26 October 2017. Closing date 22 January 2018.


On 25 October 2016, the then Minister of Health, Michelle O’Neill launched an ambitious 10 year approach to transforming health and social care “Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together”. Delivering Together was based on the report of the Expert Panel, led by Professor Rafael Bengoa, “Systems, not Structures: Changing Health and Social Care” which was published on the same day.

One of the key actions in Delivering Together, is public consultation on the current and future configuration of imaging services, taking account of advances in technology, demographics and demands, and looking to both national and international best practice. The Department of Health is now seeking the views of the public and stakeholders on the draft strategic framework.


Consultation description

The Department of Health has published a draft 10 year strategic framework for the planning and delivery of safe, effective and sustainable imaging services for Northern Ireland. The draft framework proposes:

  • 8 guiding quality-based principles to underpin the design, configuration and delivery of medical imaging services which represent best practice for imaging services in Northern Ireland
  • 19 strategic recommendations drawn from the findings of reports developed by clinically led workstreams and other overlapping reports that provide a high level strategy for medical imaging services across the region
  • 5 thematic priorities to provide a regional view of the amalgamated recommendations from the individual reports
  • A regional approach to planning imaging services across HSC organisations, which could potentially be provided by an ‘imaging board’. This body could have a range of functions including leading on the implementation of the recommendations of the review

This consultation is seeking views of all stakeholders on the strategy.

Consultation Events: All events are 7pm - 9pm

12th December –NICVA – Duncairn Gardens - Contact and Directions

14th December – Fermanagh and Omagh District Council - Enniskillen Town Hall - Contact and Directions

18th December – Adair Arms – Ballymena

21st December – Chestnut Suite – Lagan Valley Island - Contact and Directions

3rd January – Craigavon Civic Centre - Contact and Directions

8th January - Canal Court Hotel - Newry - Contact and Directions 

10th January – Whittaker Suite – Guild Hall Derry - Contact and Directions

15th January - Fermanagh House - Enniskillen - Contact and Directions

If you are interested in attending any of these events please send an email to:

Data for the review was collected over a period of time; thus it is reasonable to conclude that changes may have occurred in the interim. Where urgent findings emerged during the review phase these were considered by the review team and progressed, where appropriate.

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