Remobilisation of Learning Disability Services

Remobilisation of Learning Disability Services

The Minister approved the Pathway and summary document to remobilise adult day care, short breaks and transport in January 2022. Throughout the Spring Trusts have put in place a series of measures to manage Covid-19 risk while increasing the level of services provided to people with learning disabilities, families and carers.

In June and July 2022, the Public Health Agency issued further guidance  to Trusts to further increase services and implementation will continue to be monitored by the Department.

This data presents the current reported level of provision across adult day care, short breaks and transport. Current Trust performance data. This information is dependent on manual counting within Trusts and there is an ongoing focus on improving data accuracy.

Data will continue to be published on a monthly basis on the direction of the Minister of Health.


Methodology – The data was originally gathered for internal purposes to monitor the performances made by Trusts. Data is collected on a fortnightly basis and analysed by the Strategic Planning & Performance Group and reported to the Minister. Data is baselined against service provision in February 2020, which is defined as pre-pandemic capacity.

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