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The Serious Adverse Incident workstream is taking forward ten recommendations. 

As part of this work, a specific recommendation sets out to maximise the involvement of families in Serious Adverse Incident investigations in Health and Social Care. 

A group of people including HSC staff, service users, carers and Department of Health representatives, have developed a draft ‘Statement of what you should expect in relation to a Serious Adverse Incident Review’.  This Statement outlines the process which will be put in place should a Serious Adverse Incident or SAI take place in a Health and Social Care setting.  This seeks to help people who have been impacted by a SAI understand what they should expect from the review and who will be involved in the process.

The Department invited people to submit their view on the draft ‘Statement of what you should expect in relation to a Serious Adverse Incident Review’ document between 1 March – 12 April 2019.  The draft Statement and also feedback report may be found here.



In late 2019, a workshop was organised by the Patient Client Council to engage with families with experience of the Serious Adverse Incident Review Process and of the Patient and Client Council in its role of providing support to such families.

In early 2020, two workshops were held with Health and Social Care staff.  The workshops were entitled ‘Serious Adverse Incident Reviews in Health and Social Care settings’ and over 140 participants explored the core components and implementation of the Statement.  The presentation from these events may be found here.

The findings from the workshops will be considered by the SAI Workstream and a plan for implementation will be developed.


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