The ‘Hello my name is’..... campaign is focused on reminding staff to introduce themselves to patients properly as it advocates that a confident introduction is the first step to providing compassionate care and is often all it takes to put patients at ease and make them feel relaxed whilst using our services.

The campaign

The campaign has been driven by Dr Kate Granger, a doctor who has terminal cancer and has experienced what it is like to be a patient; she said that one of the starkest observations on the quality of her care had been that not all staff who approached her introduced themselves to her.

Along with her husband she has made it their mission to get as many members of health service staff to pledge their commitment to always introducing themselves to their patients.

Kate herself travelled to Northern Ireland to personally support the launch of the N.I. regional hello my name is campaign, which was launched jointly with the PHA in November 2014. Subsequent to this the hello my name is campaign has been widely promoted throughout a wide range of health and social care settings, with Health and Social Care workers pledging to introduce themselves to their patients and clients.

At the DoH we are firmly committed to the delivery of person centred care and always promote a positive experience for people who use health and social care services, their families and carers.

Chief Nursing Officer, Charlotte McArdle said at the launch of this campaign in NI

“If we are to work in true partnership with patients and clients then we must get the simple things right, every time. I welcome this campaign, by giving a confident and polite introduction is not only a sign of respect for the individual patient or client but is also, very importantly, the first step in building a therapeutic relationship with patients and clients so that they will feel relaxed, confident and safe while receiving care."

The CMO and CNO along with the senior officials at the DoH NI are proud to support this campaign

Find out more about the campaign, visit the Hello My Name Is website.

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