About the Departmental Board

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Departmental Board 

The Board supports the Minister and Accounting Officer in directing the business of the Department as effectively as possible to achieve objectives and priorities.

Within the overall policies and priorities established by the Minister, and subject to his approval, the remit of the Board is to:

  • set the Department’s standards and values
  • agree the Department’s strategic aims and objectives as set out in the Departmental Business Plan
  • oversee sound financial management and corporate governance of the Department in the context of the Departmental Business Plan
  • oversee the allocation and monitoring of the Department’s financial and human resources to achieve aims and objectives set out in the Departmental Business Plan
  • monitor and steer the Department towards the achievement of agreed performance objectives as set out in the Departmental Business Plan;
  • scrutinise the governance and performance of ALB’s
  • set the Department’s ‘risk appetite’ and ensure appropriate risk management procedures are in place

Departmental Board Members 

Peter May - Permanent Secretary
Chris Matthews  -  Deputy Secretary Resources and Performance Management
Dr Michael McBride - Chief Medical Officer
Jim Wilkinson - Deputy Secretary Healthcare Policy
Sean Holland - Chief Social Worker
Sharon Gallagher - Deputy Secretary, Strategic Planning and Performance Group
Dan West - Chief Digital Information Officer
Maria McIlgorm - Chief Nursing Officer
Brigitte Worth - Director of Finance
Frank Caddy - Independent Board Member
Michael Little - Independent Board Member

Minutes of Departmental Board Meetings 

Departmental Board Terms of Reference

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