Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is an independent organisation established in 2001, as part of the Government's strategy to improve social care provision and practice. The Department of Health (DoH) and SCIE have a service level agreement which defines the objectives of the funding provided by the DoH to SCIE. 

About SCIE 

SCIE develops and promotes knowledge about good practice in social care and social work.  The Institute identifies useful information, research and examples of good practice, and uses this to develop guidelines for good practice and proposals for further research to inform good practice.  
It also maintains an extensive online resource of free information about social care known as the “Electronic Library for Social Care”.  

The Department signed a service level agreement with SCIE in June 2004 extending its remit to cover Northern Ireland. Under the agreement, SCIE is committed to promoting an inclusive partnership approach with social care stakeholders in Northern Ireland to help ensure that its work programme takes account of factors particular to Northern Ireland and that its good practice guidance is implemented locally.

SCIE guidance can be accessed at: SCIE resources


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