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2006 publications

Identifying the need for and purpose of an investigation into the performance of a GP

Published 02 February 2009Policy papers

In March 2008, the Department of Health (DoH) commenced a review in the use and interpretation of cardiotocography in intrapartum fetal surveillance.

Published 31 January 2009Policy papers

Guidance on the use of Midazolam in sedation

Published 31 December 2008Circulars

External financial guidance circulars for 2008

Published 31 December 2008Circulars

Advice from the Chief Medical Officer to HSC professionals

Published 30 December 2008Circulars

Workforce policy directorate guidance documents for 2008.

Published 22 December 2008Guidance literature

Advice in relation to Safety, Quality and Standards for 2007-2008

Published 25 November 2008Circulars

Responding to the needs of children born to and living with parental alcohol and drug misuse in Northern Ireland.

Published 06 November 2008Policy papers

This handbook sets out the terms and conditions of service of hospital medical and dental staff and doctors in public health medicine and the community health service in Northern Ireland. 

Published 01 October 2008Guidance literature

This bulletin and tables presents quality and outcomes framework (QOF) exception reporting data.

Published 12 September 2008Statistical reports

Letters and advice on the regulation of medicines issued 2008

Published 19 August 2008Guidance literature

Recommendations from Improving Stroke Services in Northern Ireland consultation.

Published 15 July 2008Policy papers

Independent Review Report of Agency Involvement with Mr Arthur McElhill, Ms Lorraine McGovern and their children - June 2008 - Toner Report.

Published 30 June 2008Independent reports

The Standards for Child Protection Services are grounded in the rights of the child and were developed to enhance the multi-disciplinary, interagency approach to child protection.

Published 17 June 2008Guidance literature

Yearly report on child protection statistics. Figures are presented for referrals by source of referral, and for the child protection register by legal status, age, category of abuse and duration on the register.

Published 13 June 2008Statistical reports

This bulletin presents children’s social care activity data by health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland including five year trends where data is available.

Published 13 June 2008Statistical reports

This report details the development of the new allocation formula for the acute and elderly programmes of care.

Published 12 June 2008Guidance literature

Employing and Supporting Specialty Doctors - A Guide to Good Practice

Published 02 June 2008Guidance literature

A guide offering advice and information for those in receipt of Direct Payments or those thinking about requesting or accepting Direct Payments.  (Revised version published November 2008)

Published 21 May 2008Guidance literature

This is the fifth report from the capitation formula review group which considers the review of acute and elderly programmes of care.

Published 09 May 2008Statistical reports

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